Cobia Global Commerce specializes in International Market research on all levels from the macroeconomic down to neighborhoods.  We feel that appropriate research is the key to developing an informed international strategy.  The following are some of our most popular and successful market research products but are by no means a complete listing.

New Market Selection

This is Cobia Global Commerce’s most popular services and one that is of use to many firms in the U.S. and abroad.  We will perform a complete economic analysis of all export or import markets for the goods in question in order to determine the best prospects for distribution or sourcing.  

This report is created individually based on your unique company's unique attributes and the products that you wish to export.  It weighs the opportunity and risk in potential export markets considering a multitude of factors including economic, political, competitive, demographic, regulatory, and geographic.  It is intended to help you make an intelligent decision as to which markets you develop for your products.  It is crucial to have this information in order to prioritize your export options and choose markets with the least risk and highest potential.

Product Assessment and Modification

For exporters, we will research the market in question or best prospect markets and determine what, if any, product modifications are necessary to compete and comply with all regulations there. We can also provide recommendations and even organize the completion of this task.  For importers, we will assist you in organizing any sort of repackaging or product modification required based on government regulations or marketing compulsions that may be necessary prior to entering the U.S. market.

Marketing Strategy

We will research market conditions and develop a complete strategy for market penetration, product positioning, target market selection, and useful contacts and suggested activities to make your products known to potential buyers.

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