We have experience serving exporters of all sizes.  We are qualified to help them expand their markets not only to North America, but to any markets we determine to be best prospects.  The vast majority of companies, given the necessary resources, can benefit significantly from exporting for several reasons.  Before making the decision and investment to expand your distribution market internationally, it is important to make the necessary preparations and research to ensure success and minimize risk.  Listed below are a number of our most useful and popular services.  As these are just examples, we work with each client individually, considering their attributes and objectives, to determine the ideal mix of services from which they can benefit most.

  • Assessment of Capacity to Export and Preparation

We will evaluate your organization, product, and available resources based on various factors in order to determine your aptitude to export, necessary preparations needed to begin exporting, and recommended product modifications to compete in international markets.

  • Market Research

Export Market Selection:

We will perform a complete economic analysis of all export markets for the goods you intend to export in order to determine the best prospects for your goods.  This report is created individually based on your unique company's unique attributes and the products that you wish to export.  It weighs the opportunity and risk in potential export markets considering a multitude of factors including economic, political, competitive, demographic, regulatory, and geographic.  It is intended to help you make an intelligent decision as to which markets you develop for your products.

Product Modification:

Based on the Export Market Selection service, we will research the best prospect markets and determine what, if any, product modifications are necessary to compete in the market(s) in question.  Quite often, an imported product will be percieved and used in a different way than in its home market.  If present, these nuances will need to be discovered and considerations will need to be made based upon them.  This may be as simple as converting the units of measurement on a package or as complex as redeveloping the product altogether.  If, in selecting export markets, we decide together that the modification requirements are worth the trouble, we will help you make them correctly.

Marketing and Product Positioning Strategy:

We will study the potential export market conditions and determine the optimal product positioning and market segmentation strategies in order to create an informed marketing plan. As stated, very often an imported product's place in the market can be quite different than its home market.  All aspects of its marketing strategy and distribution will need to reflect this in order to compete effectively.

  • Distributor/Buyer Search

Based on what we know about your company and products (ideally from our market research) we will fashion an extensive list of distributors and potential buyers of your products.

  • Contact and Negotiate with Buyers On Your Behalf

If the client wishes, we can contact the buyers on the client's behalf or establish contact with agents in the target region who can.  In many cases we are able to sell the client's products and negotiate terms based on the client's individual needs and priorities or to make use of other intermediaries able to do so.

  • Marketing

Based on our knowledge of the foreign market we can develop a marketing plan to best make your product know to potential buyers there.  This may include translation, transcreation, and creation of marketing collateral, representing your products at trade events, and other activities.

  • Outbound Logistics: organization of all shipping-related activities including U.S. and foreign customs clearance according to negotiated terms.

We will advise and facilitate the organization of all logistical activities including all transportation, packing, containerization, re-packaging, document preparation, freight forwarding, customs clearance, and warehousing.

  • Payment: Structuring and organization of payment terms

We will facilitate the structuring of payment based on your specifications and advise you as to industry norms.  We are able to advise you with respect to all standard payment methods including Letters of Credit, forfaiting, and many others.

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