We have experienced working with importers at every stage from start-ups looking to ensure a hitch-free import process to large corporations seeking to diversify their supply chains.  There are many reasons to import different goods, but there are many pitfalls and potential risks as well.  It is important to have all of the necessary information and experienced representation to ensure that you are making the best decisions and getting a fair deal.  The following are examples of services from which the majority of our importing clients benefit.  As these are just examples, we work with each client individually, considering their attributes and objectives, to determine the ideal mix of services from which they can benefit most.

  • Market Research

We will perform an economic and market analysis to find the best import prospect markets for the good that you seek to import considering many factors including cost, quality, risk, shipping, and governmental barriers.

  • Product Sourcing

We will identify companies producing or supplying the products that you are looking for and provide you with sufficient contact information.

  • Contact and Negotiate with Sellers on Your Behalf

If the client wishes, we can contact the sellers on the client's behalf. We will source products to the client's specifications and negotiate terms based on the client's individual needs and priorities.

  • Inbound Logistics

organization of all shipping-related activities including foreign and U.S. customs clearance according to negotiated terms.

  • Product Modification

We will organize any sort of repackaging or product modification based on government requirements or marketing compulsions that may be necessary prior to entering the U.S. market.

  • Payment: Structuring and organization of payment terms

We will structure payment based on your specifications and advise you as to industry norms. We are able to advise you with respect to all standard payment methods including Letters of Credit.

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